Y2K Diary [ 22.04.00 ]

113. Queer Art

In the next Y2K Showcase we will attempt to define the meaning of 'The Queer, the Ugly and the Beautiful.'
This may not necessarily mean what it is implying.  Although there is some art around that does deserve a mention.
One such resource is Queer Art.
The website has been set-up as a non-profit, educational forum for the display and discussion of queer art and culture.  Much has been suppressed, much has been lost due to neglect or censorship, and a great deal has simply been overlooked.

"... artistic identity is moulded by myriad factors, an amalgam of gender, racial, ethnic and sexual, to name a few.  But we also know that honest artistic expression by the queer community plays a role in combating homophobia and advancing the principles of intellectual integrity."
Queer Arts

This quintessential resource library must be on every artist's and art lover's bookmarks alongside The Tate and the Louvres, for queers and non queers a-like.
Although this is a traditional art gallery, it also dives into the interactive with infinite sensitivity. NP

related links: Queer-Arts.org for your perusal

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