Y2K Diary [ 21.04.00 ]

112. Do You Suck Your Thumb?

I do! Unrelentingly and unashamedly.  I'm 27!  According to world's figures from the World Health organisation.  18% of us suck our thumbs, 10-12% appear to be women.  According to Dr. Adam "Thumbsucking is the process of sucking on the thumb for oral gratification.  It is a powerful need in infants, and is a normal activity with its peak occurrence at about age two."

"If thumbsucking continues past age 4, malocclusion of the teeth (abnormal contact between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw) may develop.  Sucking is the chief source of pleasure for an infant.  Studies have found that sucking is not associated with weight gain in premature infants and decreased crying." ThumbSuckingAdults.com

Adam seems to believe that thumbsucking is unnatural and a health hazard in adults.  Is Adam implying that he favours alcoholism, heroin and cocaine addiction and heavy smoking?  That is unclear.  Some people could find it offensive to see others sucking on a fag.  For all the millions of adults' thumbsucking worldwide hiding their method of tension relief, there is a place on the net for you.  Exchange ideas, views, experience on the subject and meet other fellow suckers. NP

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