Y2K Diary [ 20.04.00 ]

111. The Blair Witch Project (Part 2)

As I have mentioned, the trailers are a bit mean.  By definition, one could see everything within a trailer.  Being mean with footage will only imply that there isn't much in the film, which is not quite true.
When the film first came out it was alleged that the phenomenal success was due to its net presence.  Although the site had a strong fan club amongst college students, the marketing of the film did not happen overnight and not only through the web.
Blair Witch Project
Web marketing enhances traditional media if the media is traditional, such was this motion picture.  Strict web marketing works for web only media, by definition, as it is the nature of the exercise.  Virtual verses non-virtual.  The staggering amount of traditional marketing and promotion helped to enhance this success.  The makers of this horror-documentary are Eduardo Sanchez & Daniel Myrick, two college chums.  The film is out on VHS and DVD and is suitable for 15 years and above. NP

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